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10 YouTube stars battle to survive the ZOMBIE apocalypse!

Fight of the Living Dead - It Begins

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After being placed into the CONOPS experiment facility, the group must figure out how to survive the next 72 hours without any connection to the outside world. In the first challenge, they must get out of their holding cages to the safe area, but they accidentally leave someone behind. On their way back to the safe area, a zombie ambushes their first victim. The group is paranoid that Rahat’s a mole.


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VitalyzdTV -
FouseyTUBE -
Magic of Rahat -
Tré Melvin -
JC Caylen -
Brittani Louise Taylor -
Dennis Roady -
Shanna Malcolm -
Raya -
Brandon Bowen -

An Alpine Labs production in association with Revolver Picture Company and featured on BlackBoxTV

A YouTube Red Original Series -
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