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360 Horror | Slender Man

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We hope you liked the tease at the very end of this episode. Guess whose coming to 360 | Horror next?

Direction & Story by Tony E. Valenzuela
Produced by BlackBoxTV Studios
Executive Producer: Kyle Sleeper
Creative Producer: Jarrett Sleeper
Image and Camera: Tony E. Valenzuela
Image Device: Ricoh Theta S
Thanks to Collab Creators, James McFadden, Eric Jacks, Lincoln Smith and YouTube. 

Slender Man
Voice of Lil' Tony - Tony E. Valenzuela
Lil' Tony's Friend - Jarrett Sleeper

Music By Brandon Roberts and Jason Scardamalia
Edited by BlackBoxTV

Filmed in:
Bellingham, Washington (Thanks to Don & Eileen Landis)
Warren, New Jersey (Thanks to Erik and Meredith Valenzuela)

Fight of the Living Dead -- Out Now!

10 YouTube stars battle to survive the ZOMBIE apocalypse!

Fight of the Living Dead - It Begins

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After being placed into the CONOPS experiment facility, the group must figure out how to survive the next 72 hours without any connection to the outside world. In the first challenge, they must get out of their holding cages to the safe area, but they accidentally leave someone behind. On their way back to the safe area, a zombie ambushes their first victim. The group is paranoid that Rahat’s a mole.


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The Contestants: 
VitalyzdTV - www.youtube.com/VitalyzdTV
FouseyTUBE - www.youtube.com/fouseyTUBE
Magic of Rahat - www.youtube.com/MagicofRahat
Tré Melvin - www.youtube.com/ThisIsACommentary
JC Caylen - www.youtube.com/lifewithJc
Brittani Louise Taylor - www.youtube.com/BrittaniLouiseTaylor
Dennis Roady - www.youtube.com/howtoprankitup
Shanna Malcolm - www.youtube.com/heyyoshanna
Raya - www.youtube.com/GirlGoneGamer
Brandon Bowen - https://vine.co/BrandonBowen

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Villisca World Premiere - Buy Your Tickets Now!

BlackBoxTV's Tony Valenzuela and Jarrett Sleeper direct and star in the upcoming world premiere of Villisca on June 7, 2016. 

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On a June evening 104 years ago, Josiah and Sarah Moore, along with their four children and two young guests, were ruthlessly murdered in their home in Villisca, Iowa; the case remains unsolved to this day. In Tony E. Valenzuela's directorial debut, outcast high schoolers Caleb, Denny and Jess travel to the titular town intent on detecting paranormal activity at the home where the murders took place. After a brief daytime tour, they return late at night to explore the dark spirits trapped within the walls, at which point they find that the past is not exactly dead and buried. In a house full of bumps in the night, these three friends must grapple with malevolent forces, not only from this world and beyond, but also from within themselves.

LA Film Festival 2016 Lineup

"Look, it doesn’t take a MacArthur-level genius to see that the world could use some good news right about now. A reason to celebrate and get excited. A reason to fill your cup up with anticipation and cheer. In short: something to look forward to.

Unfortunately, we here at Film Independent do not (currently) have the ability to provide kitties and puppies to each and every US and global citizen in need of total and immediate emotional uplift. But luckily, we can do the next best thing: reveal the complete lineup for the 2016 LA Film Festival."

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Villisca – USA (DIRECTOR Tony Valenzuela WRITER Owen Egerton PRODUCER Seth Caplan, Kevin Abrams, Michael Wormser CAST Robert Adamson, Jarrett Sleeper, Alex Frnka, Conchata Ferrell, Jon Gries) – Three ghost-hunting high schoolers visit the Moore House in Villisca, Iowa—the site of one of America’s most grisly unsolved mass murders. After their private tour is interrupted, the group sneaks back in at night, unaware of the otherworldly terror that awaits them. World Premiere